Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The more modest registry (aka the one with nipple pasties).

Ok, so, apparently my previous post has left a few of my less-financially-well-endowed friends feeling left out of the buying frenzy. Now, I'm a kind person and I'd hate anyone to experience any anxiety or stress as a result of being unable to seek to win access to my good graces with a contribution to the sacrificial offering of household goods, so I'm willing to dig around and try to come up with a less-pricey list. However, knowing that if it doesn't hurt it means you're not really giving enough, I've made sure that a few of these items are a little more Paris, France than Paris, Ontario.

Assorted Le Creuset cast iron cookware.
Hostess Twinkies Non-Stick Baking Pan. Retro Radio-Record player from Fred Flare.

Dwell Bedding .

A set of retro graphics Envirosax.

A set of George dog beds (of course, the spoiled whippets are unlikely to abandon the couch to actually use them but whatever).
Any one of Ron Hawkins' paintings.

A third (and final) whippet. Actually I may just surrender to "cat lady" status and get this one for myself for my birthday :)

A set of PataPri dish towels.

A couple of vintage/retro pillows from absoluut.

A set of Victorinox kitchen knives.