Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No holds barred, full-frontal wedding registry.

So RW and I are to be bound in (quasi-elopement civil ceremony) wedded bliss shortly. And seems that my adamant desires to keep this event as low key and "non-eventish" as possible (I'm terribly allergic to all things "ceremony") are all-for-not since, as is apparently known to everyone else on the planet but me, once you give people any hint of an impending nuptial they experience an all encompassing need to purchase something for you.

Protestations regarding your lack of need or desire for anything in the way of household goods will be ignored at your peril. Thus, to avoid being seen as difficult, ungrateful or devoid of class (cash = crass), you are now required to facilitate this passion for purchasing by signing up for some wedding registry. Right.

Now, don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate the generous intentions of family and friends but I'm the kinda girl who, when she needs or wants something, goes out and gets it. I'm also not particularly into having spare sets of "nice" household goods to be stored and only used for special occasions: they cost too much, you worry about breaking them and they take up too much space.

I also want to avoid registering for stuff that's too expensive. I really don't want anyone to spend any money on me at all. Also, it seems that all the stuff on registries tends towards the exorbitant and is often not really anything I would purchase for myself even if money were no option. Ack.

Right, so to keep myself from freaking out before I do the inevitable cave-in and go register for some random cutlery at the Bay, I've decided to do up my fantasy registry wherein I am unhindered by guilt, RW's opinion, cost and in many cases shipping restrictions.

The Big Chill fridge and stove in pink lemonade:

His and hers touring sea kayaks.
Honda Element (with roof racks, of course)
The Jane sofa from Gus Modern.

Wedding photos and/or an interior design intervention/consultation by Lori Andrews (aka the 10 cent designer).
An all-expenses-paid trip to Holland.

My backyard transformed into a picture from Domino.

Dinner for two at the French Laundry.

A bunky on 50 acres of oceanfront in PEI.

Yup, that's me a simple girl with modest tastes and desires.