Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The birthday haul.

This weekend was my birthday and as always I was totally amazed by the wonderful gifts I got:
  • My brother G got me a gorgeous classy "bible" of cocktails which incorporates excellent historical notes about such bevies as the Classic Gin Martini aka the ONLY REAL martini.

  • My mom got me 3 beautiful genuine glass Japanese fishing floats. I've always dreamed of finding one washed up on the beach but that's become increasingly rare as they moved to yucky plastic like everyone else. Although, a while ago I heard a rumour that they were going back to glass so maybe I'll be able to add to my new collection in the future.

  • My future father-in-law got me a lovely wooden-handled cheese slicer for all that Dutch leyden cheese he got me addicted to.

  • My future wifey RW got me a stunning new dog crate as the final piece in our collection. It now houses the most adorable black and white monster whippet I have ever set eyes on - my birthday gift to myself. He's the perfect complement to my decor so pictures of him gracing the couches, chairs and beds will soon follow.

  • Other family and friends sent me contributions to my new composter which I set up yesterday. Is it wrong to be this excited about decomposting foodstuffs?

  • My brother HF decided to torture me with an amazing gardening book "Small Garden" by John Brooks which is filled with gorgeous pictures of small garden porn and tonnes of great information and ideas. It's killing me that I have to save my pennies so that next year RW and I can start to overhaul the nasty dirt pit that is my backyard.

On that note, a few inspirational wee yard pictures.

Jane Mooney Landscaping.