Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The quick "how-not-to" guide to home staging.

Courtesy of MLS:

1. Put the lid down (and take the screaming folk art off the wall).

2. Curb appeal: if the outside sucks no one's going to believe you when you call it a "very chic home"

3. Don't take the "backyard as outdoor room" trend too far. Take the fridge off the deck.

4. It's ok to love your children. Just not this much.

5. Take pictures which display the room, not your decor "choice".

6. Try to avoid pictures with angles that make them look like they came from a hidden bedroom cam. Or from the fisheye cam in a spaceship.

7. Fake flowers do not a basement make (mad props on the 70s bar though).

8. Jesus belongs in your heart, not crucified on your kitchen wall.

9. Do not leave people pondering the question of whether it's a pool or a pond.