Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The kitchen: before and inspiration

The next/last big project to tackle around this place is the kitchen. Although the bathroom reno has left me feeling a bit less terrified, I'd be lying if I said I was looking forward to the process of the kitchen reno. This is not a big house and the kitchen though tiny is the still the activity hub of the house. I have no idea how we'll manage with relocating everything. Plus the thought of living off take-out and microwaveable "food" for any period of time is also unappealing.

Since we're planning on selling in a couple of years, there's not much room for expansion/re-configuring and because our neighbourhood is not going to attract upscale buyers anytime soon, we're not going nuts with highend upgrades.

Basically I'm looking at lower-end Ikea for almost everything: white cabinets, perhaps some glass on the uppers to make it look a touch above builder-grade, dark counter tops, single sink with a built-in drainboard, white subway tile backsplash and new vinyl flooring.

I've been collecting some inspiration pics of small white Ikea galley kitchens to get me motivated: