Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chai modern

One of my little bros will soon be shacking-up with his lovely fiance in an open, modern, loft-type apartment. For some reason he thinks I might be able to help him come up with a decorating scheme. 

So, based on the preferences he indicated, I've taken a stab at some basics for creating a modern, warm, ethnic, eclectic, organic feel:


Key components:
  • Neutral basics (walls white, dark grey or cream; low-slung sectional in grey or off-white soft fabric
  • Square low coffee table (to accommodate casual dining while sitting on pillows)
  • Natural fiber area rug (jute, seagrass, etc.)
  • Focal point of bright yellow sideboard for media storage
  • Lots of bright ikat and kilim print throw and floor pillows


Key components:
  • Simple dark kitchen with bright yellow backsplash
  • Round, dark, old-fashioned table
  • Assorted modern chairs 


Key components:
  • Warm neutral walls
  • Low simple modern bed 
  • Rustic bedside tables
  • Warm, layered, textured bedding


Key Components:
  • Warm neutral pallet of whites and creams
  • Raw materials: seagrass, unbleached cotton, bamboo, wicker, wood
  • Large, ornate silver mirror


Key Components:
  • Lots of lush plants in rustic, assorted containers
  • Low comfortable seating