Monday, August 11, 2008

Non-traditional nursery art.

Let's all give a good hardy bundlejoycozysweet "Welcome back!" to my uterus, once again taking control of the keyboard and posting for the child-related enjoyment of one-and-all. Or not, but rest of you can just pipe down and put up with this ok? Trust me, no one wants to argue with the uterus. It's like I'm suffering from uterus-related Stockholm Syndrome. Seriously. Send help.

Anyway, if smoking bears aren't your thing, I've been digging around good old all to find some other non-sicky-sweet, non-licenced-product, aesthetically-pleasing and affordable art for kids. In other words, the opposite of this. Warning, click at own risk.

Though I'm not normally a big fan but Andy Warhol has some cool, colourful stuff:

Babar is a loser. Vintage Tintin comics:

Artist Edward Lear has some slightly-creepy-in-a-Victorian-way, India ink alphabet drawing and lymeric illustrations:

The gentle iconic images of artist Yoshitomo Nara:

Vintage travel posters from Kerne Erickson:

Stay tuned for further posts on the decor whims of a bodily organ.