Monday, June 16, 2008

Guest Post: my uterus.

I think pretty much all my friends can attest to the fact that in the last year or so I've become rather preoccupied with all things baby.

Now, I'm still popping pills like they're going out of style and have so far managed to stave off giving in to the cravings by shamelessly living vicariously through other people (Hi S! Hi P!), but occasionally I find myself compulsively looking at things and thinking about what I would buy for my own child.

So for today I've decided to stop fighting and let my uterus take over the keyboard to express it's creative baby-related desires. Obviously, my uterus has no regard for budgets or shipping charges otherwise you'd be seeing instructions for how to make a crib out of shipping pallets.

"At the 5th Ave" - Oversized Bear Poster. And no, I do not intend to encourage smoking in bears.
Bookhou Flock Mobile.
Classic Oeuf Crib and Changing Table.
Lulu Chair in Tweed.
Wise Owl Lamp with Chirp Shade.
Lowry Three Drawer Chest.
Block Party Bookcase.
Cheeky Squirrel Bookends.
Binth Alphabet Poster.