Thursday, May 15, 2008

I hope he's got me down for it in his will.

My brother has this framed print in his apartment over his fireplace:

He got found it in a shop in Victoria years ago and from the moment I first saw it I've been trying to find ways to steal it.

It's hard to tell from the pic by the bunny is sorta starring down into his own pants/boxers. I'm not sure why but the thought of a bunny checking his junk is very amusing to me. I probably need help.

So it turns out that the art is by German artist Michael Sowa who is also responsible for this Amelie favorite:

The absurdist nature of his stuff is great.

How perfect would these be in a kids room too? Not too sicky sweet but definitely adorable and, as a bonus, affordable so if they get hit with some projectile bodily fluids no one is going to cry.

Source: Beach Bungalow 8

Update: apparently I am just a complete perv. It seems the bunny is wearing a dress (at least according to the name of the image on and not boxers. Of course, the gender of the rabbit is at least still in question so maybe I'm not totally off.