Thursday, September 13, 2007

Breaking two resolutions with one chair.

I just got my fall Pier 1 unsolicited propaganda in the mail (addressed to a former resident of course, I'm sure some poor sucker is getting all my Victoria's Secret mail outs too so I guess it's catalogue karma) but I was actually pleasantly surprised to see a couple of things I don't mind in it. They have a really nice looking couch (the Bennett Sofa) and a really cute chair called the "Orbit" for $99 (Canadian, yo) which they basically admit is a knock-off of the 1950s swan chair. Normally I hate wicker (too stick-y and poke-y looking to be comfortable) but this chair may just be the (temporary?) solution to my search for affordable living room seating.

I think this chair was big news last year in the States but this is the first time I've seen it up here. In Canada. The land devoid of good furniture stores. I may just have to break my resolution not to spend any more money on furniture and not to buy any more chairs and grab one of these little suckers this weekend.