Monday, July 30, 2007

Art dilemma.

Because I am the most wonderful (and humble) girlfriend in the world, two years ago I commissioned this painting ("North Bay City Limits 4:01am") from the extremely talented, modern renaissance man, Ron Hawkins (now if only he would start making furniture, sigh) for RW's birthday.

It dawned on me just a few moments ago that, due to our soon-to-be-amalgamated households, I will need to find an appropriate place to hang this piece. Normally I find it pretty easy to find places for art. Their designated places just seem to be dictated to me in some sort of subconscious way. With this one though I'm totally stumped. It would probably go well in the living room with the dark grey walls but it needs a decent sized wall space to showcase it.

So now I'm thinking I may have to let go of the former/current roomie's garage sale score framed Lichtenstein "Eddie" diptych.

Which will be hard because this piece has weirdly come to play a major part of my sense of "home" in Ottawa having been the focal art piece in all three places I've lived.

Ah well, maybe if I sacrifice this for love (by giving it back to it's rightful owner) then RW will be able to forgive me for making him throw out all those cutting boards, french onion soup bowls, mock neck shirts, vegetables peelers and half-melted black plastic omelet flippers.