Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And, we're back.

Took a bit of a break there due to a total lack of inspiration but now I'm all atwitter to be helping the other brother decorate his new loftish bach space.

I found some pics of Valerie Pasquiou's apartment on Loftlife and the vibe was very, very close to what I had in mind for him:

Some of the key elements:
  • Basic white walls and neutral flooring
  • Mainly neutrals (black/white/brown) with some subtle flashes of colour (throw pillows, chair, etc.)
  • Mix of modern basics (couch, bed, coffee table) with some vintage pieces (desk, chairs, bench, sideboard
  • Additional pieces: cowhide rug, large mirror, lots of art/books, misc. lighting
The only main element I'd change would be to have the dining table wood rather than white. And I think the giant floor mirror might be a tad "done".

I'd definitely take my time finding a some used interesting chairs for the dining room and living room. As well as a desk and sideboard. For the basics, some initial ideas:

Karlstad sofa

Koldby rug

Something like the Klubbo coffee table.

Malm bed

Classic steel Tanker desk and chair

Art - the kid is a great photographer so he should definitely blowup and frame a couple like this one:

Bedding - clean and simple in greys/whites like the Unison Porter duvet cover:

Pillows - a couple of these Fluf Wool Punch pillows for the bed and couch: