Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My first victim.

So it looks like my good friend B may have bought into all my decor bravado and decided to let me give him a hand fixing up his new apartment. Of course the budget is slightly less than zero but that just makes it more fun. My goal is to give him a warm beautiful place he actually wants to spend time in. If I can accomplish that I'll be very happy.

I want to go for: warmth and masculinity to play off the light coloured walls; lots of art and books but avoiding clutter; working in his family antiques with a clean modern feel while creating a child-friendly space. It may take a while but I'm positively giddy with excitement at a chance to use my brain to do something beautiful.

Some inspirational pics to get us started:

So, what do you think B? Sound/look good?

A great source for bach pad pics is the blog Habitually Chic who's author is similarly helping a friend fix up his place.