Thursday, June 12, 2008

The G-Home Edition, the budget version.

Using my finest rudimentary MS Office Paint skillz to do a mock-up of a hot bach apartment for the little bro G:

Who needs some fancy "photoshop" program?

  • Either/Or Convertible Sofa in Grey $480 US Urban Outfitters
  • "Youths in Bowling Alley" 305 x 102cm $462.97 CDN
  • Red PS Cabinet $129.00 CDN
  • StrindCoffee Table $189 CDN
  • Insignia 15" LCD/DVD Combo HDTV $249 Future Shop
  • Cow Hide Rug Approx. $200 CDN (optional $50 faux-grass underlay for the extra class)
  • De La Tour Chair $160 US Urban Outfitters