Thursday, February 28, 2008

The joys (and drawbacks) of online shopping.

When you see a cute DIY sweater cozy for a French press, and follow the link to find the pattern (because maybe this is the project that inspires you to learn to knit), which shows you the comments, one of which contains a link to the oh-so-clever porcelain paper cups featured in the picture beside the cozy-wearing-French press available for a very sweet (on SALE!, in LIMITED quantities due to it being discontinued) price on a website of a store that offers brilliant shipping to Canada, and your Visa card sitting in your bag right next to you just happens to have (barely) enough room cover the cost of four of these adorable cups, and your weekly quota of self-discipline is currently being used up mentally preparing yourself to start seriously training for the half marathon you've been talked into doing in less than 13 weeks, all hope is lost.