Monday, January 21, 2008

Valentine's gift guide.

Even those people who know me well still tend have difficulty reconciling my loathing of most traditional, cliched, Hallmark/consumer-driven, holiday pomp-and-circumstance, with my freakish unabashedly girly love of Valentine's Day.

Now, by no means do I support any of the tacky, pathetic "efforts" that would grace the pages of Cosmo or its ilk such as romantic restaurant dinners (I've flipped burgers in too many places on Valentine's and Mother's Day), candlelit baths (UTI waiting to happen), rose pedal covered beds and floors (dogs would likely eat them and I'd be distracted by the need to vacuum), chocolates (don't like chocolate), cut flowers (I don't like dead gifts), etc.

However, each year I really enjoy finding something random, a little campy and yet somehow personally meaningful to give to my someone special. As always Etsy has been a great source of inspiration. A couple of things that caught my eye include:

Anatomical Heart Mug.

Sacred Heart Leather Leash. For a dog, perverts.

Zombies Need Love Too Pillow.
Polka Dot Heart Keychain Bottle Opener.
Red Horned Throwing Zombie.
Sacred Heart Bicycle T-shirt.
Crochet Heart.

Handcuff necklace. Ok, this one's not for the dog.

Squirrel valentine