Monday, December 3, 2007

Boutique hotels for decor-loving masochists.

Alright, so apparently all of Canada is up to its' arse in snow right now and we're set to experience the worst winter in 15 years. Query: where's bloody global warming when you need it? Or: is this merely the beginning of the end?

Anyway, in honour of this lovely weather and the fact that I'm one of the only losers to drag my sorry ass (thanks for the ride R!) to work, I'm posting some pics of the decor from a couple of very stylish and undeniably cool hotels in Quebec and Sweden, hotels made entirely from ice:

As the tag-line goes: "Welcome to the most beautiful and uncomfortable night you may ever experience".

One thing is for sure, a visit here would reduce the amount I complain about the inefficiencies of forced-air heat in a 50 year old house.

Images: Eurobookings.