Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rug rage.

When I bought my house last fall, my mother gave me a white flokati rug for the living room. I adore it and had been lusting after a flokati for a couple of years (blame being born in the 70s and the ones I grew up with in my parents bedroom - formative years are a bitch). Anyway, the rug looks really good in the room and when it's just me I don't really notice the excessive shedding that everyone seems to complain about.

However, this last weekend I had a whole mess of people coming and going at my place, between them and the three slightly exercise-deprived whippets, I almost managed to clog the poor Shop Vac trying to catch the cat-size tumbleweeds of rug-fur. So, methinks I may be needing a new living room rug before the whole family descends for Christmas (the flokati will be moving upstairs to my den where it will take somewhat less abuse).

I've just started looking and have found a few I don't mind (Anthropologie had a couple I really liked but they're out of the larger sizes dammit). As always, a good price point is key. I'm just not sure if I should love it or just not hate it. Can you really love a rug? It also needs to be as whippet-and-large-man resistant as possible. I'm also not a big Persian rug fan. I like them in some houses but I just don't think it would work in mine. I'm also not a big fan of the multicoloured Flor tile-like rugs that seem really popular right now. In other words, once again, there's not a huge selection to choose from.

Freakishly enough, Canadian Tire has this Debbie Travis rug that's kinda cute for $129.99:
There's also good-old Ikea with the Hedda rug at $229:
This scroll rug from Pier One is also not hideous, although I'd have to see how green it was in person and if it's $399 in the US then it's got to be pretty pricey up here.
I'm actually starting to get a little tempted to just get a big faux zebra rug and try to play it off like I'm cutting edge design or something. The black and white would hide a lot of the technicolour whippet fur.... hmmm. Of course, I'd want one that was actually shaped like a zebra and I think you have to pay extra for that.