Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Banquettes for breakfast.

I've been working on a sketch of the future layout for my kitchen (planning for when I finally break down and sell that extra kidney or a couple of spare gametes to pay for the renos). There's this odd space where the door to the outside and the door to the basement are. I hate it and it drives me nuts so the plan currently is to get rid of the outside door and replace it with a window when we put French doors into the dining room. I'm also thinking we might be able to get rid of, or move, the basement door as well, leaving a nice corner which would be perfect for a cozy little corner eating nook.

I've been digging around looking for banquette inspiration and found a couple of good pics:

Cottage Living.

Ikea Hacker.


Sunset Home.


Flickr - dinawitter.