Friday, October 12, 2007

Always last to the party.

It should already be apparent that I love Esty but, most pathetically, I just noticed that it has a geolocator function that lets you find local artisans selling their goods. It seems that Ottawa has some amazingly talented people. Maybe this will be the year I can avoid going near a mall at Christmas by doing all my shopping over the Internet. It would be pretty bloody great if I could also still manage to do a lot of it locally as well.

Customized Christmas stockings by rikrak:

Loo t-shirt from semiquestion (available in brown or white):

Felted wool squirrel pouch from myjennywren:

Mixed tape necklace from Wine on Sundays:

Vintage pop bottle cap magents from ScatterJoy:

Platypus t-shirt from apple banana cantaloup (the male model totally sells this shirt):

Tighty Whities pin from Whistlepea Works:

King Balboa orginal art from milkshop: