Thursday, October 18, 2007

50s decor for the common man.

For me typical 50-60s decor falls into two groups: 1) the classic MCM which I like from a visual/artistic perspective but couldn't really see being able to maintain with three dogs and a big (in a manly way) hubby and 2) the cliche Coca-Cola pop-diner stuff that mainly makes me want to gag and pluck my eyes out. I find it's also hard to locate good pictures of what actual peoples' homes looked like rather than just ads or pics from decor mags.

So, imagine my delight when I managed to stumble across these pictures while trolling the Internet:


Ohio History Central.

Memory Store.

Although well put-together these look more like real homes of real people.

Or, it could just be the lack of colour luring me into believing in an air of legitimacy... hmmmm.... Oh well, either way they've given me some much needed inspiration for a toned-down take on the mid-century.