Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Better than the original.

A couple of weeks ago I found these amazing pale candy pink bentwood chairs in a junk/furniture shop up the street from where I work. Actually I only bought one at first because I have this thing for only buying one of things. I do this with coffee cups to the point of obsessiveness. Pairs or sets make me nervous because if you really love them and one breaks, you will always feel sad when you look at them because you'll remember when they were a happy, whole set.

Yes, I have a problem with emotional attachments to inanimate objects.

Well, I loved the chair so much I decided to go back and buy the other one. I was going to take pictures and do a whole post about how much these chairs rock and how I'd started seeing a whole bunch of them everywhere I looked. The last issue of Domino had them in like 3 or 4 shots looking all cute and artsy.

Well, before I could get around to doing that, the lovely and talented sfgirlbybay did a post devoted to bentwood chairs. She did a much better job than I could have done so I'm just going to send you over to her. Oh, and check out the pics of her apartment while you're there and tell me you don't want to move to San Fransisco.