Friday, August 3, 2007

Rec room inspiration.

Ok, so here's the confession: the basement is supposed to be all RW's to fix up and decorate as he sees fit. I bought the house and being all decor OCD-and-control-freaky I don't think I could bear to delegate any of the choice to anyone else. RW's input is always appreciated but really, I'm the one whose's going to have a visual-discord-induced meltdown if everything isn't just right. So, the basement is to be his shelter from my decor-Nazi ways and I'm pretty cool with that but come on, you can't blame a girl for at least thinking of what would look cool down there can you? Plus, maybe really I'm just being helpful in providing him with some inspiration on which to base his future dream studio/hang-out/jam space/etc. Right? Right?

RW has a pretty intense (I suspect formative-years-induced) obsession for all things 1970s so I though that would be a good starting point.

Really though, I suspect this type of pic is going to get him drooling the most.

The techy studio pic perverts.
Pics from Flickr.